Artist from Markmakers collective... run workshop`s exploring a wide range of techniques, styles and subjects which collaborates with exhibitions held at the Brindley Arts Centre in Runcorn, Cheshire. The workshops are open to participants and is ideal for anyone who`d like to know a little more about how some of the artworks in the Brindley`s exhibition`s are produced.


 Claire Weetman`s ...

Graphite drawing workshop at the Brindley 2011

At the end of November Claire Weetman produced a workshop for adults at the Brindley exploring graphite powder and animation. It was a successful day, with lots of interesting drawings produced which were made into animations on the day, which can be viewed on the righ. Participants experimented with hand cut stencils, graphite powder, mark making and using masking tape to create these drawings.

 Sharon Lelonek`s...

Non toxic Etching Printmaking workshop at the Brindley 2011

Sharon Lelonek led a non toxic Etching print workshop for the members of Mark Makers in 2011.   

Artists from Mark Makers have been engaging with this new medium of non toxic etching, this new etching solution called  the Saline Sulfate Etch and is used for Zinc, steel and aluminium plates. The Saline Sulfate Etch works very well for straight tray etching as it’s safe to work with in an open studio as no heating or aeration are required. Mark makers artists used a variety of different house hold materials to create an image onto a plate `negative mark` in an intaglio print, before being etched using the Saline Sulfate Etch. Fun began with the intaglio inking process and they enjoyed the experience of using printing press.

Claire Weetman`s Big Draw Project: 2007 held @ The Brindley Arts Centre


Parents and Children from Brookvale Children`s Centre and vistors to the Brindley created drawing inspired by a photography exhibition. Drawings of hands form a record of all those who took part and the images of kitchens are based on photos of Runcorn homes.

 Claire Weetman`s

Experimental drawing session at the Brindley Arts centre 2007.

Claire Weetman led an experimental drawing session at the Open event held at The Brindley Arts centre to coincide with the Big Draw.

Participants were asked to create charcoal drawings onto paper, following the movement of the shadows cast by other participants. This process was filmed, with the resulting video forming the basis for figure drawings of each of the participants. Tom Ledson, a participant in the workshop wrote a poem reflecting the activity taking place.

Open is a monthly evening with the chance for participants to share their written and performance work and to take part in workshops that develop and inform these skills.

These three elements were combined by Claire and printed in a limited edition of 10 postcards, given to the participants.