Markmakers’ new theme ‘Landmarks & Boundaries’, is a project inspired by the artists geographical location of living near to the coastline of North West England, and their individual experiences, knowledge of tides, islands, pathways, landmark buildings, histories and folklore of this area. With planned group walks throughout 2015, nights spent away on rural sites, the artists will explore and further research what Landmarks and Boundaries means to them individually, including some collaborate interventions and facilitated projects. The responsive works will be presented in different mediums, including painting, collage, sculpture, textiles and print-works, and exhibited in various locations in 2015-2016 as a touring exhibition to inspire and inform.

Exhibiting artists @ Hazlehurst:

Beth Barlow, Jacqui Chapman, Judith Ferns, Val Jackson, Rachel James, Allison John, Tony Jones, Jeni McConnell, Amanda Oliphant, Cliff Richards, Cathy Rounthwaite, Wendy Rudd, Susan Meyerhoff Sharples, Angela Sidwell, Maria Walker, Claire Weetman, Janet Worrall.

Artist: Cathy Rounthwaite

Henges and Standing Stones, ancient manmade marks on the landscape, linked by theoretical Ley Lines.

The Henges, Neolithic earthworks, characterized by a ring bank and ditch, but with the ditch inside the bank rather than outside. These banks were not intended as defense, but to contain the rituals and practices and protect those outside.  The incomplete vessels of paper and beeswax represent these Henges, worn away over the years and reference Bronze Age Wares and Beakers.

The presence of Prehistoric Standing Stones, is unique and mysterious, but their purpose unknown. These etchings explore the textures and shapes of the stones in print.

Artist: Jacqui Chapman


This group of abstract suspended works reflect several islands where access is restricted either by tide, as is Cribinau off West Anglesey or Hilbre off West Kirby, or by law as was Robben Island off Cape Town.

These boundaries isolate a church, a bird observatory and a prison.

In each of these the human spirit loves, cares and forgives.

Artist: Val Jackson

Long Distance From Jaisalmer

In this piece of work I am exploring the outstanding landmarks of a recent visit to India. These are not prominent landmarks in the traditional sense but are representative of scenes & events of significance to me.

The telegraph poles & wires include the possibility of long distance communication and indicate that the influence of what has been seen can still reach out over the miles & through intervening time.

The work is produced in free machine embroidery on stiff cotton organdie. Its transparency permits the sight of other vistas beyond & the possibilities of other future landmarks.

Materials : Cotton Organdie & free machine embroidery.

Artist: Amanda Oliphant

‘I absorb this landscape, as it erodes beneath my feet’

As I walk onto this Island

The seal’s watch with curiosity

I absorb this ever-changing landscape

As it erodes beneath my feet

I search for my house beyond the trees

Wondering if it’s looking back at me

I want to remain here, upon these rocks

Tides pushing, pulling, changing the scene

I feel a sense of belonging within this estuary

An essence of calmness consuming me

I sit watching, time is passing

The seals watch me, watching the sea…

Artist: Jeni McConnell  

Thoughts & Utterances

Understanding of our human self develops from our awareness and sense of comfort with distance from our source of warmth, food and love; Mother as provider. 

As babies and children we develop our motor skills, creating movement patterns as journeys, exploring the boundaries of our inhabited space; our home.  As we grow these boundaries extend; we push against them, exploring further and further afield, seeking opportunities to go up to and sometimes ‘over the line’. 

As humans inhabiting this earth we live in many different ways, sometimes lightly touching the surface of our planet, and sometimes digging deep towards its core for the resources which lie hidden beneath. 

In every way we leave marks upon this land.


What are your thoughts and Utterances?

Please add your own thoughts and utterances on the theme of Landmarks and Boundaries. 

You can use the typewriter, or write on the blank labels provided.

Artist: Maria Walker

Suspended Textile Sculpture : Bound

This piece of work is an abstract exploration of personal boundaries through the notion of the self, embodiment and the human condition. As I started to wrap the cord with cloth and threads I became immersed in the repetitive, tactile nature of the process of making: a process which brought to mind the special relationship the human body has with cloth throughout our lives, in particular the wrapping and binding of our bodies which become like a second skin.



Previous work has explored ethnology and the concept that we no longer live in relative isolation, but in an interconnected contemporary world that reflects a complex history and a world-wide cultural diffusion.

The concept of Boundaries immediately implies restrictions and lack of freedom, and yet new technologies have vastly accelerated the flows of people across regional and international boundaries.

In considering this notion of restricted movement, separation and possible conflict, I celebrate the 'Right to Roam', the freedom to walk off the beaten track and the opportunity to experience the environment whilst exploring some of its man-made boundaries and labyrinth of footpaths.

This initial body of work relates to my physical and emotional experience of location, social and industrial histories and events of place whilst touring Ireland, an island split by a northern-southern boundary and visiting Cornwall , a county that wishes to create a new boundary and become an independent country, separate from the UK.

'Place, places man in such a way that it reveals the external band of his existence and at the same time the depths of his freedom and reality.'- Heidegger.

Artist: Wendy Ruth

Between Here and There refers to the ever changing boundary of Hilbre Island as the tide redraws its outline.

The island itself is marked out and divided by picket fences.

The linear format reflects a journey from the safety of the mainland to the unpredictable space of the island.

Artist: Allison John

Landmarks and Boundaries

With Haiku ( Japanese Poetry), we learn to appreciate even the smallest things and moments in life. Each thing a small ' Landmark ' that makes up our experience and so who we are.

Both of these works have used a Haiku as a starting point for the finished work.

Focusing on only a small aspect of the world I live in, these small aspects help me to keep a balance of the larger issues in life.

Falling Red Leaves

Coveted by all,

turning into such beauty-

the falling red leaves.

Shiko (1664 - 1731)

Awesome Summer Woods

Nothing is moving,

not even a single leaf-

awesome summer woods.

Buson (1715 - 1783)

June 2015


Artist: Tony Jones

Industrial and pastoral landscape.   I like the Halton area with its idiosyncratic mix of Lancashire and Cheshire, industrial and pastoral landscape and old and new memories. The mixed media work concerns people’s journeys through the area, getting lost and finding old and new routes to avoid the disruption caused by the building of the new bridge.

Drain. The Mersey Basin has seen the beginning of many journeys across the oceans. This silk screen print is one of a series entitled American suite about my journey and some of the mundane, but beautiful images I found there.


Artist: Beth Barlow- Label

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